Holy Cross Catholic Church

9371 Wigham Street
Thornton, Colorado   80229

Office: 303.289.2258
Fax: 303.289.2259

Bulletin Info

The Mass schedule and weekly meetings, as well as, activities are listed in the bulletin for your convenience.  The bulletin is available each weekend at the entry/exit of the church and in the Parish Office.

Announcements for the bulletin need to be submitted by 12noon on the Monday prior to the bulletin publication.  Shar Wolf is the Bulletin Editor

Click on the "Seek and Find" logo below to view our most recent bulletin.  You can also view a bulletin from past weeks in the archives.

Parish Services

Registration Form

Parish registration forms are available in the Parish Office or from the Greeters at each Mass.   We invite families and individuals who are new to the area to join our Parish Family.  The Offertory Envelopes are delivered by mail about six weeks after registration. 

   You have the option of weekly or monthly envelopes.
Each family is asked to support the Parish.  A statement is available in January listing the previous year's contributions.
Mass Intentions
The Mass Intention Book is located in the Parish Office.  To request a Mass Intention, contact the Parish Office.  A suggested $10.00 donation is appreciated.  Mass cards are available.

Prayer Intentions
Names of family members and friends who are ill or who have died, may be placed in the weekend "Prayers of the Faithful".  This can be accomplished by calling the Parish Office.  The name remains on the list for two weeks.
    It is also possible to place a name in the prayers prior to Mass by going to the sacristy and relaying the information to the staff.

Religious Goods/Gift Store
The Religious Goods/Gift Store carries a limited selection of Religious Articles.  It opens before and after each weekend Mass, based on Volunteer availability.

We staff and receive funds from BINGO held at "Turn II BINGO" , 7139 Pecos Street in Westminster.   We play every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm.  Volunteer workers are most welcome.  Call our office for more information.

Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's membership organization of service to the Church.  The Knights of Columbus meet at Assumption Parish on the second Monday of the month, at 6:30pm. 
  The Ladies Auxiliary are a sister organization which supports the work of the Knights.

Marriage Encounter
Marriage Encounter is a weekend experience which offers a technique of loving communication that a couple can use for the rest of their lives.  This communication technique is designed to build closeness and intimacy between husbands and wives of all ages.  Call 303.805.1295 for more information.
You will also find at this location (Seek and Find)  information from those businesses that sponsor our bulletin.

Please support these businesses and let them know you are using their services because they sponsor our bulletin.
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